Should My Book Be an Audiobook?

Should I really spend the money to turn my book into an audiobook?

Be honest with yourself, you've spent a lot of

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Brain Cells
  • and MORE

writing your master piece. The writing, the editing, the re-writing, the cover art, the formatting, the publishing....What a headache! And now people want you go through a process that's just as in depth as the last three main pieces to get an audio only version?! It's maddening!

     Or is it?...

How many of your potential readers listen to books in the car/bus/train on their commute to work? How many people need the info in your book that can't read it at all due to physical disabilities? How many "I don't have time to read it" excuses would turn into a customer if you could counter with "what if you could listen during your commute or workout or house cleaning?"

Audiobooks have become a very real thing and the demand simply continues to grow! Much like podcasts, they were laughed at in the early days, now you're almost mocked for not having one. If you believe there really is value in what you're offering people, then you're not only punishing them, but you're punishing yourself for not giving them another way to receive that knowledge.

The question isn't should you, but rather HOW should you make it an audiobook.

In 2017 I wrote a blog post about just that. And it was HUGE! I heard from so many authors I lost count. I gathered a list of the most common questions and decided to write a book giving detailed, step-by-step instructions on the entire process. Thus "Audiobooks: The Definitive How To Guide - What Every Author Needs to Know" was born. Being both an audio engineer and a voice over artist gave me insight on this process that seemingly all other books lacked. Don't be fooled by the "Do it for $100" books, you'll likely never get that audio approved by the powers at be.


There are 3 essential ways to produce an audiobook.

  1. Have a Pro do it
  2. Go into a studio yourself
  3. DIY

Each one of these options has some serious pro's and some serious con's. Therefore, the right path for you is something only you can answer. But in my book, I go through all of that for you so that you can make the best decision possible. Everything from expected costs to timelines to how much work it's going to take you. Everything!

You have a few different options as how to get this done. Let's face it, you need to do this and you know it...otherwise you wouldn't be here right now. Let me help you decide the right path for you.

Do yourself, your clients, and your readers a favor and pick up this book.

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