Help yourself, learn to solder.

One thing that I'm passionate about within music production, recording, and mixing is making things better than they were.  This can be as simple as upgrading the cabling in my studio (which I'm currently doing), upgrading a guitar (getting ready…Read more

Get a setup based on what you need

If you're like me, then you read a lot of recording articles and watch a lot of recording / mixing videos.  I've found that there are 2 basic categories out there with these.  The "go small home studio" and the…Read more

Use your resources wisely.

I think we've all gone through a time or two when we "needed" a couple new pieces of gear/software to make the recording at hand.  Only problem, we only had the funding to get 1 of the proper tools.  What…Read more

To gear or not to gear?

That is the question.  Isn't it?  I find myself asking that question a LOT.  How much gear is enough gear?  Do I really need another mic?  Do I really need a different mic preamp?  Do I really need another…Read more

A Quick Tip for MUCH BETTER Mixes!

I really want to share a tip that I learned a while ago that has made my mixes better, and has taken quite a bit of time off from start to finish.  Does that sound good?

It's a tip that…Read more

Using Acoustic Treatment

We're getting ready to do a little construction here at DAB studios.  Now to be open and honest, DAB studios is a home studio setup.  We are actually based in a house, that I live in, in a subdivision.  So…Read more

How to tune for your tune!

I don't want anyone to feel like I'm talking down to them.  But at the same time, this blog was started to help people who were just getting into recording.  So some posts are going to seem incredibly simple and…Read more

Compression - your new best friend! [Video]

So I'm sitting here drinking my glass bottled Coke.  Why?  Because there's something about a good cola coming out of a glass container that tastes good.  Especially if it's not being watered down by ice cubes.  Ahhh... I just took…Read more

What even is EQ? [Video]

EQ, or equalization (equalizer), is one of the most useful tools that is in every studio.  Really, it's probably the most helpful tool in all forms of audio work.  Equalizers are how you can shape the tone of a sound…Read more

What type of computer and/or DAW should you use.

So you're getting into recording.  Awesome!  Welcome to the club man; we don't have t-shirts, but we have a love for music.

You've got a good instrument, you can sing, after reading the earlier posts you now have a good…Read more