A Quick Tip for MUCH BETTER Mixes!

I really want to share a tip that I learned a while ago that has made my mixes better, and has taken quite a bit of time off from start to finish.  Does that sound good?

It's a tip that…

The art of panning. Soft pan vs hard pan. [video]

This is exciting!  We're getting past the basic "into to recording" type posts and into more of the "how to record and mix posts."  In this post we'll be looking at the art of panning.

Mix your songs in mono

Using Acoustic Treatment

We're getting ready to do a little construction here at DAB studios.  Now to be open and honest, DAB studios is a home studio setup.  We are actually based in a house, that I live in, in a subdivision.  So…

How to tune for your tune!

I don't want anyone to feel like I'm talking down to them.  But at the same time, this blog was started to help people who were just getting into recording.  So some posts are going to seem incredibly simple and…

Compression - your new best friend! [Video]

So I'm sitting here drinking my glass bottled Coke.  Why?  Because there's something about a good cola coming out of a glass container that tastes good.  Especially if it's not being watered down by ice cubes.  Ahhh... I just took…

What even is EQ? [Video]

EQ, or equalization (equalizer), is one of the most useful tools that is in every studio.  Really, it's probably the most helpful tool in all forms of audio work.  Equalizers are how you can shape the tone of a sound…

What type of computer and/or DAW should you use.

So you're getting into recording.  Awesome!  Welcome to the club man; we don't have t-shirts, but we have a love for music.

You've got a good instrument, you can sing, after reading the earlier posts you now have a good…

Why you NEED an audio interface.

I'm kind of embarrassed to even admit this, but I guess that's part of the deal.  I started doing audio work (or play for me really) in live audio.  I would run church sound and do some simple small concerts…

Do I need a $1,000 - $3,000 microphone to get started?

Here's a trap that we all run into a LOT.  "I need a better mic!  My stuff sounds like crap!!!"  If you're like me, you have a life outside of your music recording life.  And chances are you have…