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Mixing and Mastering

Take your sound from "Meh" to "Amazing!"

First thing, prices are down below if that's the only reason you're here - scroll down. If you're anything like I was when I was starting out, you're not sure why you can't get that "radio" type sound that you hear from seemingly everyone else. You're probably watching all the YouTube videos you can possibly fit in, hearing every different side of the debate. Do you need different gear? Or can you really achieve that polished sound with a single microphone and an inexpensive interface on you laptop?

             I hear you, and feel you!

The short answer to those questions is yes. It is possible to get an amazing sound with minimal "decent" equipment. Is it easy? No, but it can be done. It takes years to master mic placement, gain staging, proper technique, and so on. And that's before you ask if you want to process the sound BEFORE you record it. Which of course means more gear. And that is why they say "keep your kids off drugs, get them into music. Then they'll never be able to afford the drugs."

If you're ready get your sound to the next level, I'd love to help. Go ahead and send me a simple thumbs up and a short sentence about what you need help with in that form on the left (or up above on your phone). Let's get things to start sounding the way you always knew they could. 

Struggling to get your music to sound how you know it should? Let me help you with that.

First off, let's collectively understand that every artist is different.  Every song is different.  Every instrument is different.  There is no one set "perfect mix".  This is why you can't successfully have a machine do your mixing for you.  Mixing a song is very much an art, not a science.  As a mixer, my goal is to make your music pop and sparkle.  I achieve this with a variety of techniques and tools including EQ, compression, reverb, delay, harmonic exciters, stereo imaging, and more.  I only use what your music needs to shine, not detract from your sound.

Mastering adds beauty, depth, and presence to a mix.  No song is complete before it's mastered to some degree (even if it's being used as a demo).  But to be perfectly clear, mastering can't fix a bad mix or recording.  If the mix sounds bad, so will the master.  Mastering does, however, make every song sound the best it can; making them sound just like your mix, only more full and rich.

       For those looking for studio time, my rates for recording are:

  • My music recording schedule is very limited and I focus mainly on Spoken Word recording for my in studio recording. The vast majority of my work is audio editing, mixing, and mastering.
  • $125/day minimum giving you 3 hours in studio
  • $45/additional hour
  • (Special rates for larger projects are available)
    • Rates include studio time, equipment usage, and engineering

Mixing & Mastering Services

I try to keep my fees simple and affordable.

Mixing - $200 per song up to 25 tracks.  $5 per track over 25.  (up to 3 revisions based on your feedback)

Mastering - $50 per song.

Please note that mixing does not include drum timing, song edits, comping multiple takes, or heavy vocal tuning.  Please have your tracks edited prior to submission unless you want me to edit them as well.

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