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Captain, We're Phasing! 

I'm alright admitting that I like sci-fi. Science fiction writing and films can be wildly entertaining. Have you noticed that a lot of the things they discuss in sci-fi end up becoming reality? And if you take a quick look into the science behind the types of things they're doing, they're usually not too terribly far off the mark on the things that are already here and happening. I remember watching Star Trek as a kid and hearing them talking about phasing issues when they were teleporting or having issues

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The Proximity Effect! 

As a child, I remember thinking whispering was an amazing thing. I could share secrets and say things to a single person without letting everyone else know what was going on. As an adult, I realize how terrible children are at whispering. I find myself laughing at just how bad my own kids are at whispering. But one thing that I notice about having a child whisper in my ear...they all of a sudden have a deep voice. Now I'm not talking Barry White deep, but considerably deeper than their voice normally is…

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Do Mic Preamps Matter? 

I've never been shy about sharing some of the incredibly embarrassing ways that I've learned audio. I know I went through the school of hard knocks and in some ways that sucks, in other ways I learned and got more practical experience than others. It also gave me 2 really important traits:

  • The ability to make the most of any gear
  • A true appreciation for quality equipment and results

I've talked in the past about not even knowing what an audio interface was (mind you I was really young and there

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Remember the OOPS moments 

Few things in life are only applicable in only one area. I grew up in the back end of a drive in restaurant, one where several of our recipes were only available at Rusty's, our restaurant. I remember stories of grandma taking months, if not years to perfect certain recipes. Much like in my own studio, many of the best discoveries were simply happy accidents.

Just like in the test kitchen, audio accidents can have surprising implications. I can't tell you how many times I've cringed, thrown my hands in the

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Should My Book Be an Audiobook? 

Should I really spend the money to turn my book into an audiobook?

Be honest with yourself, you've spent a lot of 

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Brain Cells
  • and MORE

writing your master piece. The writing, the editing, the re-writing, the cover art, the formatting, the publishing....What a headache! And now people want you go through a process that's just as in depth as the last three main pieces to get an audio only version?! It's maddening!

     Or is it?...

How many of your potential readers li

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